Artist rendering of house template GIORGINIA from New Houses Range

New Houses Range

Building a New House need not be a difficult or expensive process. With the design-build capabilities and templates of Meridian Homes®, the home-owner can be assured of a quality home which is customised to his requirements, and built according to the pre-approved budget.

This section features some of the different concepts for New Houses. Rather more straightforward in design than our Resort Homes®, the New Houses templates are also simpler in form, finish and fittings. Each concept is created with the requirements of a nucleus family in mind. Though the budget is smaller (than for Resort Homes®), the home-owner can expect the same quality standards exemplified by all Meridian Homes®.

Typically, a New House would require the total demolition of an existing property. Meridian Homes® must be engaged in every aspect of the redevelopment work, from the initial design through construction, inspection and final delivery. This ensures that we work closely with the home-owner to create a home which fits his criteria and budget, and which bears the distinct stamp characteristic of the family that will eventually reside within. We will not participate in projects which require only basic building works.

As per all our projects, the Meridian Homes® basic building standards apply to all our New Houses. We will assess and analyse the specifications before making our recommendations. If the home-owner is unable to commit to what we deem are critical aspects of re-building, we will not be able to take on the project.

Even though it is a design-build New House, we can confidently assure home-owners that our wide range of fittings and finishes will mean that no two houses are the same. The final product will be a home built in accordance with the home-owner’s specifications and lifestyle needs, and which reflects the personal flair and preference of the residents.

Artist rendering of house template GIORGINIA from New Houses Range
Artist rendering of house template GIORGINIA from New Houses Range


Clean linear shapes and forms, complemented by glass, make for a stunning facade.
Artist rendering of house template IMELIAH from New Houses Range


The sweeping roof form at the rear and front facade stairs add visual drama to the house.
Artist rendering of house template NATHELIA from New Houses Range


Graceful simplicity is achieved through use of familiar forms and archetypal features.
Artist rendering of house template ISABELLIAH from New Houses Range


Juxtaposed in a different orientation, the elegance of form is heightened by the dramatic contrasts.
Artist rendering of house template CASSANTHRA from New Houses Range


Flourishing greenery, redolent of a garden theme, creates refreshing vistas on every floor.