Building a home need not be a tough balancing act among the price, design and quality. With Meridian Homes® FastTrack – an extension of the Meridian Homes® concept – we offer an evolving range of template designs created specially for semi-detached and terrace houses.

These design-build templates comprise a variety of architectural styles and floor areas to suit the diverse needs of the home-owners. From nuclear families to extended households, there is a template to satisfy everyone’s requirements. In fact, home-owners are often surprised to learn that with customisation and a wide choice of finishes and fittings, no two houses look the same even though they are based on the same template.

Key Advantages of Meridian Homes® Fastrack

  • Right specification designs
    Over-specification often leads to additional building costs for non-essential features. All FastTrack homes are designed to the right specification to ensure durability and safety.
  • Tried-and-tested operation protocols
    Delays and unreliable labour often translate to additional costs. We execute our projects under tried-and-tested protocols so that they proceed according to pre-agreed schedules and budgets.
  • Right partners/vendors
    We have an excellent rapport with our network of established partners and vendors who are hand-picked for their quality and reliability. We outsource non-construction-related work to reduce overheads, but retain our supervisory role.
  • Confirmation of plans/details
    We work with the home-owner to confirm plans and building specifications at the early development phase of each FastTrack unit. We do not have to waste time during the building phase to discuss these items again.