Meridian Homes® is a boutique design-build company for end-user homes. Helmed by a professional Architect who specialises in landed properties, we are a turnkey solutions provider who undertakes a project from start to finish. Our work involves pre-purchase inspection through concept design, construction and delivery. Under a single point of responsibility, we manage all co-ordination, quality management, cost control, and schedule adherence. This one-stop working model allows us to guarantee the completion of every Meridian Homes® project.

Our priority goes beyond the construction of a template house with four walls and a roof. Our aspirations are synonymous with developing quality design through responsible architecture. In this respect, we keenly pursue new designs, products and systems, and register proprietary patents and trademarks on a regular basis. Where appropriate, these become part of the Meridian Homes® standards. We also actively review common technical problems so that we can continue to enhance the Meridian Homes® projects.

Last year, we launched the inaugural Meridian Homes® 2005 catalogue which describes the designbuild concept, and showcases a number of Meridian Homes templates and their prices. The 2005 catalogue, which was very well received, is now available online at This year, to reflect our growing portfolio and capabilities, we have decided to launch the title as Resort Homes® 2006 , with various new sections. Home-owners will have a greater selection of concepts, template designs, interiors and finishes. We are particularly pleased to introduce the highly popular Resort Homes® concept, as well as our Small Communities & Resorts development. This 2006 brochure also features new Remodelling and New Houses templates.

At Meridian Homes®, we understand that a landed property is a financial and emotional investment which requires careful consideration. Therefore, our annual publication is carefully conceptualised to complement this process. Produced in tens of thousands of copies and distributed in the region (with our compliments), the Resort Homes® 2006 publication is filled with useful ideas and information.

Within Meridian Homes®, we have upgraded our operations to protocol-based solutions for both our customers and attending staff. Put simply, this means our systems have become even more organised, controlled and objective to ensure quality deliveries every time. With the continued participation of our vendors and suppliers, we have a range of experienced partners to work with.

We want the Meridian Homes® website to be a fount of practical knowledge for both home-owners and industry practitioners. In particular, the Technical Reviews section will receive regular updates about the technical problems which may arise – like dampness of the ground floor slab or a leaking clay tile roof. We will be discussing the possible causes and remedies for these issues.

We hope this brochure will help you as you embark on an exciting journey to create your ideal home.

Our other titles include How to Get Started with Meridian Homes®, The Independent Advisory Panel, How to be a Licensee of Meridian Homes® and The Meridian Homes® Guarantee.