The Science of Building

Underscoring the sustainability of our business is R&D. This extends not only to our business models, procurement and implementation procedures, but also to many aspects of building science.

The Meridian Homes® founders are especially keen on the science of building – a little-known but respected frontier in the building industry in the west. Our on-going interest and involvement in issues at the ground level enable us to improve our knowledge and methodology in detailing key areas of a typical house [read details]. Over the last 12 months alone, we have filed the most number of trademarks and patents in Singapore in developing building systems that address various shortcomings.

The Meridian Homes® free clinics – which are open to home-owners who face problems with their landed properties – provide us with added insight into poor construction practices as well as materials which work or do not work over an extended period of time.

Seeking Research Partners

In order to extend our knowledge further and contribute more effectively to the industry, we need to collaborate with institutional establishments to gain access to more dedicated professionals, equipment and laboratory/testing facilities. Without collaboration and the will to constantly improve, we will not be at the forefront of our industry.

If your establishment is keen to collaborate with us, please drop us a line and specify which specific area of research or collaboration you are interested in. Meridian Homes® is prepared to dedicate manpower and other resources to such collaborative efforts.