Technical Updates

This technical section by Meridian Homes® is intended as a platform to inform, update and educate home-owners about the common technical problems they may face in home-building. As a commitment to industry knowledge enhancement, we provide regular updates on our website.

Meridian Homes® bases the data for this section on research, observation and analysis. Often, it is through identifying these issues arising that we can develop and test solutions. These learnings are diligently added to the Meridian Homes® Operations Manual as we continue to push the bar on quality and service. Where feasible, we file for trademark and/or patent protection for our innovations and breakthroughs. For easy reference, each case study follows a similar format.

Listing of Current Technical Update Articles

Directive No: Description
2007/Ceiling/001 Excessive condensate formation in false ceilings.
2007/Roof/001 Leaking clay tile roof.

This section is not intended to supplant any written methods of opinion, installation, work or specifications which may work or have been so specified under different circumstances. No part of this section may be reproduced, or referred to in part or in full, under any means and circumstances as a basis for litigation, mediation, or any forms of alternative dispute resolution, against any parties without the written knowledge and approval of Meridian Homes®.