At Meridian Homes®, we are very particular about the quality of all our design-build homes. This is why we actively seek quality materials, without exception, for our projects.

We have outlined our business model here so that suppliers who wish to work with us will have a better understanding of our expectations, and enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with us.

Meridian Homes® business model

  1. As much as possible, we want to deal directly with the manufacturer/supplier of goods. If there is a country agent, then we will work with the appointed agent.

  2. We prefer to be given preferential rates. On our part, we can provide a steady stream of work; Meridian Homes® is also a reliable paymaster. Please note that quality is our top priority – we will not accept lower grade goods as a basis for reduced prices.

  3. We pay cash to our suppliers. This is part of our prudent cashflow management procedure.

  4. Where applicable, a proven track record is essential. We will not accept untested or unwarranted products. We believe that as a matter of pride, the manufacturer should be able to back the quality of the product in an installed situation.

  5. Goods must be able to withstand scrutiny, as well as lab testing to meet international standards. Meridian Homes® will conduct random testing of goods from time to time.

  6. Goods must be returnable in the event of excess supply ordered. We expect this to be very minimal, if at all. Meridian Homes® expects support from the supplier if and when we encounter problems related to the use of the materials. We may be prepared to rescind this arrangement, subject to the supplier meeting some conditions. Please check this with us separately.

Goods in demand

We are actively looking for these goods.

Active: Priority
  • Burmese teak timber strips 15mm thk from 600mm to 1200mm length. Kiln dried to 12%. Must be sorted and highly consistent in grain, cut and tone.

  • Cultured stone

  • Granite (rubble wall, slab)

  • Marble (only slab cut)

  • Concrete and steel bar (cut and bend)

  • Timber (treated Kapur, Nyatoh, Balau)

  • Aluminium works

  • Carpentry works

Active: Secondary
  • Burmese

  • Clay roof tiles

  • Plants and landscaping effects

  • Swimming pool equipment

  • Light fittings

  • Construction chemicals

  • Bricks (standard and modular)

  • Electrical and electronics (keyphone, security alarm system and auto-gate system as an integrated system)