Building a house is a huge undertaking, but it need not be a frustrating one.

At Meridian Homes®, we’ve learnt many useful lessons from our years of home building. One of the more important things we’ve learnt is that there will be limitations in every project. These may span budgetary, time or personality constraints, and if not properly handled, could result in an unpleasant experience for everyone.

This article outlines some of the important processes the home-owner will encounter, as well as the responsibilities and duties he/she needs to undertake. As with all Meridian Homes® houses, we adhere to an objective, matter-of-fact procedure aimed at minimising the problems which may arise from personality and/or other differences.

We hope that by following these protocols, you too can avoid unnecessary altercation, heartache and/or disappointment. Because we too, have a huge stake in helping you realise your dream home. At Meridian Homes, we aim to continually innovate design, the decision-making processes and the built product to offer to you an unparalled and seamless approach towards home-building.


(The full article is only available to clients of Meridian Homes®. Please contact us if you wish to have access. )