Pre-Purchase Inspection Services and CertifiedFit® Programme

Meridian Homes®’ unique suite of services comes with a comprehensive CertifiedFit® Building Hazard and Risk Analysis programme. This pre-purchase inspection option is aimed at assisting potential homebuyers to make better informed decisions about the property they have shortlisted to buy.

Services & Programme Details

Our inspection services and CertifiedFit® programme involve:
  • Analysis of the existing building systems like plumbing, electrics, roof and windows
  • Certification of relevant sections by a registered Architect, registered Civil/Structural Engineer, licensed Valuer, licensed Electrician and Plumber.
This service is carefully tailored to suit the buyer-seller environment:
  • It is a non-destructive process as the investigation is carried out with the aid of electronic instruments.
  • It causes minimal disruption – various independent parties will visit the property and complete their tasks within two working days. The report is ready after three days, giving the buyer sufficient time to place an option on the house.
  • Inspection can also be done during the option period, subject to legal arrangements.
Some of the assessments will include, but are not limited to:
  • History of the premises
  • Structural stability of the house and other existing structures
  • Historical records of approved works – to ascertain the legality of the structures built on-site
  • Re-building/en bloc potential of the area
  • Inherent features of the area like soil conditions, water pressure, flood levels, public town gas, location of schools (under Phase 2B)
  • Existing building systems like electrical works, plumbing, roof
  • Termite infestation
  • Availability of public infrastructure like cable TV, higher in-coming electrical supply load.
  • Cost of minor/major additions and alteration works or re-building works.