Professional Advice & Assistance

Every week, the consulting Architects for Meridian Homes® conduct free consultation clinics* at our office. These interactive sessions are suitable for home-owners who may need assistance in areas such as:

  • Problems related to the state of their existing property.
  • Re-building, renovations or extensions.
  • General queries related to construction and/or maintenance of their landed properties.

We aim not only to give advice to home-owners, but also to learn about the common problems related to landed properties. The clinics are another channel for us to continuously build on our database and knowledge, and expand our range of solutions and services.

We welcome all home-owners to these clinics – whether they are new to us, existing customers or past clients. If the problem presented to us is unique, or requires further attention, we may offer to conduct a more thorough investigation. This could include field sampling, and/or tests and analyses. For the inspection, there would be a low nominal fee, which must be approved by the client before work commences.

Here at Meridian Homes, we take our work seriously. We keep in constant touch with our past customers to study areas which can be improved. These range from architectural design issues to materials performance and common maintenance issues. We believe that every one of our clients should benefit from our hard-earned experience and continuous research and development.


  1. One free consultation for one property per person. Limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  2. One-day minimum advanced booking must be made. Please [contact us] to reserve your slot.
  3. To qualify for this free consultation service, you will need to comply with our terms and conditions. These will be made known to you at the start of the session.