A Custom Built Haven

A Meridian Home® is a personal haven custom-built to your specifications and lifestyle needs. In addition to architectural planning and construction, there is an extensive choice of co-ordinated finishes and fixtures. Put simply, the use of quality materials combined with innovative and tasteful designs are the hallmarks of a Meridian Home®.

Some features of a Meridian Home® are:

  • Contemporary architecture for tropical living
  • Proprietary building sub-systems and components
  • Integrated networking systems for audio-visual entertainment
  • Contemporary sanitary fittings
  • Integrated electrical systems
  • Artful lighting
  • Customised kitchen and wardrobe systems
  • Sub-contractors in specialised trades
  • Comprehensive maintenance and third-party warranties.

Resort Homes®, a trademark owned by Meridian Homes®, is a name synonymous with the Asian-Balinese style in architectural designs and interiors. First developed for the resort-style estates in Thailand and Singapore, Resort Homes® exude a laid-back charm reminiscent of holiday destinations with their back-to-nature feel. More details of Resort Homes® are found [here].

Key Steps in Building a Meridian Home®

Pre-purchase Inspection

Meridian Homes® provides this independent, value-added option for a fee. [View details here].

Design & Cost

An architect will work with you to create a design which meets your timeline and budget. This involves identifying your requirements, exploring alternatives, and defining the scope, cost and schedule of the project.

Contract & Project Management

The contract will be drawn, stipulating the articles and conditions of the arrangement between you and Meridian Homes®, as well as the obligations of both parties. The contract also provides the following:

  • Comprehensive price schedule
  • Progressive claims
  • Insurances
  • Costings and valuations to variations in the works
  • Liquidated damages in the event of delays
  • A post-construction defects liability period.
Specification & Procurement

To ensure a quality finished product, Meridian Homes® procures well-tested and trusted materials, equipment, fixtures and fittings from our vendors. We constantly research, source and update the specifications of our building materials to make sure they meet our clients’ expectations.

Servicing & Consultation

Throughout the duration of the project, we have a dedicated technical person as the point of contact. He will provide sound and professional advice on planning and building codes, construction and other project matters.

Quality Auditing

An in-house system of checks and audits ensures that the performance standards of the materials specified, workmanship and construction quality are consistently delivered on-site, and that communications and instructions from design office to site are maintained and executed professionally. A final independent-party external audit check is performed to verify compliance to set standards.

Dispute Resolution

With every project, we aim to deliver a quality home. However, disputes do arise from time to time. We have put in place a system for dispute resolution (read about The Independent Panel Approach [here]).

Your interests are protected

Your interests are protected with Meridian Homes®

The contract will address these issues*:

  • Insurances
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Independent loss adjusters
  • Structural clerk-of-works who adheres to statutory guidelines both during and after the construction of your home
  • Concrete testing
  • Registered surveyor
  • Soil investigation specialist
  • Consultation with an independent thirdparty valuer to verify the completion of each stage of the project
  • Consultation with an independent thirdparty in the event that changes need to be made to the contract.

*non-exhaustive sample list only