Artist rendering of house template JESMYNNE from Remodelling Range

Remodelling Range

This section is dedicated to the myriad possibilities available in the Meridian Homes® Remodelling range. Unlike other companies, our work scope goes beyond the superficial façade – we are involved in upgrading the suite of infrastructural features within the building envelope.

Remodelling is commonly known as Additions and Alterations in the general market. It can be a challenging process as it requires great creativity to drastically improve the aesthetics of an existing residence, and at minimal costs.

Remodelling typically involves:
  • New layout of rooms and toilets
  • New additions, eg. maid’s rooms, wet/dry kitchen, storeroom, walk-in wardrobes, doors and frames etc
  • House extensions, eg. adding new storeys or structures
  • Extension-related installation/re-installation of basic infrastructure eg. electrical works, plumbing, roofing, waterproofing and other finishes such as false ceiling, tiling, painting etc
  • Relocation of services, eg. to the front of the house in new houses
  • Site orientation, eg. with regard sunrise or sunset
  • Design aspects other than basic building works.

Many old houses were built as a repeated template, often with little consideration for the orientation of rooms. Hence, in Remodelling, much customisation is done to especially address the morning sunrise or the westerly sunset.

The Meridian Homes® basic building standards will apply to all our Remodelling projects regardless of budget. We will assess and analyse the condition of the property before making our recommendations. If the home-owner is unable to commit to what we deem are critical aspects of Remodelling, we will not undertake the project.

At Meridian Homes®, we want to deliver a quality home every time. Therefore, we will only participate in the total rejuvenation of the property, a process which involves not just basic building works and some fittings, but a broader scope which extends from design through finishes and final completion.

As it is a Remodelling range, our template of fittings and finishes may not apply. Also, other specifications of such work may vary widely according to the existing property’s specifications.

Artist rendering of house template JESMYNNE from Remodelling Range
Artist rendering of house template SHEAYNA from Remodelling Range


Tropical aesthetics, new swimming pool and additional annex block.
Artist rendering of house template ELEEYNAH from Remodelling Range


Minimally invasive work with highly extensive scope transform the bungalow into a modern tropical retreat.
Artist rendering of house template JESMYNNE from Remodelling Range


Utilising existing structures to create a fine balance of aesthetics, functionality and costs.
Artist rendering of house template KRYSTINA from Remodelling Range


Large teakwood strips infuse the rear courtyard with a warm and welcoming glow.