Professional Advice & Assistance

Meridian Homes®, Pre-inspection Services helps take the guesswork and uncertainty away from buying a new home. Contact us before you commit to any purchase and we will give you the peace of mind that you are not buying hidden defects along with your dream home.

Who we are

Qualified and registered Architects with practical exposure to the design and construction of landed properties and boutique developments in the region.

What we offer

Services relating to:
  1. Diagnosing of common problems in landed properties, especially pertaining to water ingress, sound pollution, roofing, and maintenance.
  2. Pre-purchase inspection relating to the physical condition of a property.
  3. Expert witness testimony in the Court of Singapore, for arbitration cases or otherwise.
  4. Building detailing insights, specification control and for ease of maintenance, with practical detailing considerations.
  5. Project management of builders with particular emphasis on risk (flight) management, fiscal and quality control, thus streamlining traditionally tedious methods of contractor management.
  6. Structural assessment of existing building structures, so as to reduce building costs by employing or rehabilitating existing structures.

Our equipment

  1. Latest state-of-the-art building diagnostic equipment, backed by solid hands-on practical experience in landed properties in Southeast Asia.
  2. We own and operate digital, laser and thermographic imagery equipment that allows us to investigate most of the common building defects and problems; our investment in such sophisticated equipment is testimony of our commitment to correct building and detailing. We proudly operate FLUKE and HILTI range of digital and imagery equipment.
  • Sewer inspection camera system

  • Thermographic camera

  • State of underground pipes as imaged by mini underground probe

  • High-pressure jet machine to clear choked drains and sewer systems

  • Laser measurement instrument

  • Laser levelling machine, configured to secure a 3-D, 360 degree level

  • Moisture meter

  • Non-contact laser thermometer


  1. We’re thinking of buying a landed property that we just love! But we’ve heard horror stories of defective houses with all sorts of hidden problems that we’ll only discover after we move in. Can you help us?
    1. Love it, buy it! - that’s a common mistake in house buying, a mistake that could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you need to rectify problems.
    2. If time is not on your side, start with a simple S$8501 house inspection. Within approximately an hour, we can inspect the house for major problems like possible termite infestation, structural integrity, water-tightness from the roof and under floor and leakages. This relatively quick yet comprehensive form of inspection will, in most cases, let you know whether the house is a worthwhile investment, or a LEMON!
    3. Most often, we are able to pinpoint not only where and what the problems are, and by way of discussions you will know the severity of any problems that may prevail. We are fully equipped with an amazing array of electronic equipment that will make "building professionals" pale in comparison. Because commitment is our mantra, we constantly invest in the most advanced equipment that helps us spot for building problems. Costing tens of thousands of dollars, and manned by a professional Architect, our equipment is fully backed and supported by FLUKE from USA, and fully sponsored for certification skills of this equipment.
  2. How long will the inspection take? Who will be conducting the inspection and what kind of experience does this "inspector" have?
    1. For a quick house inspection, the inspection can take approximately an hour or less, depending on the size of the property. This quick method of inspection, involves non-destructive methods of testing like the use of probes, infra-red thermography, and digital equipment so the housing agent or seller should have no worries about any damage done to the existing house.
    2. A qualified building Architect with at least 15 years of continuous experience will lead the inspection. Working solo or in a pair, the Architect will conduct both the visual and diagnostic tests on a variety of key essential parameters for a quick assessment.
  3. After the inspection, what can I expect from the Inspector?
    1. After the inspection, we will briefly discuss with you your plans for the house. The Architect will offer his opinion pertaining to the condition of the house, including whether you should go ahead with the purchase. As the home buyer, you will then be in a better position to make your decision.
  4. Can you inspect flats, apartments or condominiums?
    1. Inspection of apartments, flats and condominium units are done using only non-destructive methods like digital, laser and thermographic equipment. Usually, such a process is done over approximately 30 minutes, and a recommendation is immediately given based on the evidence collected.
    2. For such properties, the objective is to look out for key defective areas like water ingress, termite infestation, defective floor/wall/ceiling finishes, and structural stability through visual inspection, and using electrical system audits.
  5. Can you be my expert witness to pursue a case against a defective house?
    1. Clients may engage us separately as an expert witness to make claims against a third party. Whilst our report serves as a backdrop to your decision-making process, you should engage the inspector and seek his expert opinion as both a practitioner and principal investigator. Such a comprehensive role brings to bear not only evidence but widens the arguments to bring to bear an aspect of tropical construction detailing in the face of investigative evidence.
  6. If after we engage you for the inspection, and in your opinion, the property is indeed a LEMON, does this mean that this property is not saleable? Aren’t you then a seller’s nightmare?
    1. Different individuals have different objectives when they buy a property. Whilst some just want to spend a minimum amount, others may just love the location or have such great vibes that they are prepared to part with a significant amount to remodel it, and bring it up to current standards. If there is a major defect, and considered to be rectifiable, then you need to know the potential downside in costs and time. In most cases, buyers are prepared to invest in time and money to renovate an existing property. As a potential buyer, you need to know the downside risks and costs involved in correcting major problems before you agree on the strike price
    2. We investigate the property objectively, and inform you of its condition so that you have in hand the facts before you take the leap.
    3. Yes, we can be a seller’s nightmare - if the property is in poor condition!


We recognize that different houses will require different type of inspection services. We offer the following inspection services for houses (not exceeding 450 sq m in total floor area). For an inspection slot, do Whatsapp us ahead for slot availability. But do note that we require at least 2 days advance notice, as well as a $200 (non refundable deposit) to secure the scheduled slot for a single landed property inspection. Full fees are payable immediately after the inspection & the report (if applicable as indicated below) approximately a few days the inspection.

  1. Full inspection (with report): S$8,500
    1. Approximately one to two days, depending on the size and complication of the property.
    2. Full access required. This may include possibly destructive methods of access including opening of false ceiling, roofs, floor etc, which will be priced separately.
    3. Access will also be required during both wet and dry weather conditions.
    4. Boom lifts, portable small-scale scaffolds and extension poles and other laboratory based scientific tests may aslo be required to execute the investigation.
    5. Comprehensive summary report plus photographic evidence within 3 weeks (depending on other lab-tests required) of inspection.
  2. Essential inspection (with report): S$2,5002
    1. Inspection time of approximately one hour or less, depending on the size of the property.
    2. Non-destructive methods using digital, laser and thermographic diagnostic equipment.
    3. Includes a brief summary report on key problems of property within 36 hours2 of inspection.
  3. Essential Inspection (without report): S$850 (most popular)
    1. Essential inspection is done to establish development (Additions & Alterations / Reconstruction / New Erection) potential & uncover land encumbrances that are not picked up by legal conveyancing. There are potential major encumbrances that do not allow you to cancel your landed property purchase. You may potentially lose your 1% deposit if you back-out of your deal to buy the property and thus end up overpaying for the land.
    2. Determine the condition of the existing property, in conjunction with your intended building work so that you are able to factor in the broad cost of the works when negotiating for the strike price.
    3. You need to be present after the inspection (it could take up to 45 minutes), for a brief discussion on the condition of the house.


  1. Limitations are to be expected during a limited inspection. For full inspection, please refer to this link.
  2. Subject to confirmation depending on age and complexity of property.